Come Get Drunk With PLD

by Pathetic Little Dog

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For the final jam of the turbulent, tremulous, and tawdry Fall 2013 semester at SUNY Purchase, Pathetic Little Dog headed to the Dino room with beer and 40's to perform one last set. This is the result.


released December 25, 2013

performed by Pathetic Little Dog

BK James: vocals, harmonica
Mario Baez: electric guitar
Tom Wolfe: bass
Noah Scheer: drums

lyrics by BK James & music by Mario Baez
recorded in 2013 at SUNY Purchase

© Three Penis Productions




BK James New Paltz, New York

BK James is the infamous co-founder of Three Penis Productions, an experimental music label, and has been steadily releasing music since a handful of BK & KGC songs appeared on Youtube in 2010. For more from BK, check out:

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Track Name: Conflicts I-II
Me and negativity agree:
You can clear your conscience
But there will always be new conflicts

Born under a bad sign
On the cusp of cancer
These are sad times
Never believed in intelligent design
Even when I was high
Love is a battlefield lined with strip mines
Strip club serenity soothes sick minds
Never had time to confess their crimes
Some smoke their boges down to the filter
But I flick mines
Inflicted with addictions
Just as I predicted
Reenforcing my convictions
I just did it to get mines
I'll sip this bitter elixir till the well runs dry
I'll do bad things because I'm the bad guy
Beauty tears me open
Happiness makes me cry
Forbidden fruit is the sweetest
You're the apple of my eye

And it's a sin just to think of you
And it's a crime just to look you
And it's a tragedy just to touch you
And it's a catastrophe just to love you
It's torture to desire you
It's torment to cherish you
It's sorrow to yearn for you
It's suffering to lust for you
And it's agony to crave you
And it's anguish to need you
And it's painful to wish for you
And it hurts just to be with you
But it's hell to be without you
And it's wrong for me to want you
It's wrong
It's wrong for me to want you
It's wrong

Couldn't love you less
Lost all my respect
I'll treat you like an object
My feelings for you are complex
Madonna-Whore Complex
These feelings won't go unchecked
Separate your love from your sex
No more secrets kept
I'm being far too direct
I'm too easy to neglect
I'm too easy to reject
I forgot what I represent
Conceded the argument
It wasn't an accident
I once was passionate
Seems disproportionate
Cuz all that's left is abandonment
I've had it up to here with this establishment
I'd be the happiest man alive if I was earth's last inhabitant
And I don't believe in God
But I'm the devil's advocate
I'm my own arch-nemesis
I put all my emphasis on the negative shit
We're all caught up in our own conflicts
Until they're eclipsed
At the genesis of a new abyss
If life sucks get a new bitch
Ain't no problem without a quick fix
Pull the trigger on yourself or face your conflicts
Some people think I need to get a grip
And stick to the script
And stay in my lane
And play their game
People think I'm strange
People think I'm deranged
And maybe that's sane
But I know I'll never change
And no, I'll never change

Were all caught up in our own conflicts
until we're in a ditch
Your a fuckin' bitch
An unscratchable itch on my soul
Which is now the system's piss hole
Speaking of which, I have never been whole
Don't you wish you were rich enough to flip the switch up
and be the change?
and become the thing you wish you had became?
you played the game and your all the same and your whose to blame
And you know I'll never change
We're all caught up in own conflicts
Until we don't exist
off the list
Awfully pissed
Where's the twist?
There's isn't one?
What a bunch of shit
How does it feel to be nothing but a digit?
You must be livid
But then again ignorance has no limit
Can't you take a hint?
This guilt trip has no kill switch
You either pull the trigger on yourself or face your conflicts
Either die with your sins
Or live with the shame
and try to burn what's left of the sorrow that remains
Look at the thing you became
You put that poison in your veins
and tainted your brain
and fed on what they gave
and take and take
and never save
I hope you never change
No Never change
change change
Never change

No never change
Change Change

oh and it's sick to even think of you
and it burns to even look at you
and it's terrible to even to touch you
And it's horrible to even love you
It's wicked to desire you
it's awful to cherish you
it's vile to yearn for you
it's loathsome to lust for you
and it's depraved to crave your
and it's disgusting to need you
and it's evil to wish for you
and it's punishment to even be near you
But I can't go on without you
And it's wrong to live without you
it's wrong
it's wrong

it's wrong to live without you
it's wrong

We're all caught up in our own bullshit
Nobody give a shit how you live
Nobody give a shit bout your kids or where you work and what you make
unless you've got something they can take
unless you've got something to lose
unless you're something they can use
You say got a gift
Nobody gives a shit
New relationship?
Nobody gives a shit
Sorry true believers
Your accomplishments label you underachievers
Why are we constantly seeking validation?
How will that result in a balanced equation?
You spend everyday nervously treading the tightrope
Just to find there's no room left in the last lifeboat
It's nice to have goals
I hope you keep that hand and never fold
I'm sooo caught up in my own conflicts
Bearer of the cross
Calling for my own conviction
Repeat after me:
"I am a slave to my condition"
I'd save you from the same if I could write the prescription
but all I write is this
My crucifixion
all I do is shit and piss
It's all we ever do
We all shed our basic instincts
subsequently struggling to avoid giving in to influence
But that's all we ever do
And you can say your the one making the movements
But you hope that's never true
And you can say your not the one making the motions
But you know that's never true
Oh, woe is you
And it sucks
and it blows
and it stings
This state of flux is no way to bring positive change
I'll never change
Rearranging the same seven obstacles
clinging on to ancient obsessions
because I can't afford new possessions
I'm sooo caught up in my own conflicts
Why can't I just quit?
I can't commit
I've lost my direction
I've lost my erection
I've lost my affection
I've lost my affection
I'm a perfectionist who's never seen perfection
I'm a realist, yet need to alter my perception
I'm a specialist in nothing but my own depression
Thermostats can barely measure my temperament
Frostburn evident
I neglected my regiment
I reside within my deficient
The future's never definite
I am not affectionate
I am just a pessimist
I am not affectionate
That is just irrelevant
Your too caught up in your own conflicts for that to even resonate
I'm too caught up in my own conflicts to ever elevate
Your too caught up in your own conflicts to even hesitate
I'm too caught up in my own conflicts
I need to meditate
Track Name: The Angel Inside of You
Oh, baby
It's been so long since we talked
That I can't even remember the last thing we talked about
But I still remember how it felt to hear so much resentment in your voice
And it's been so long since we fought about
How we got nothing to to talk about
I've almost convinced myself it's all noise

I was just your toy

I care about you more now more than you ever cared about me
And it feels like I've been whispering that over and over in my own ear
For at least a century

We weren't meant to be
But you knew you meant so much to me
I tried to downplay your sexuality
You were so pretty
I could've waited an eternity
But I don't blame you for eventually needing to get away from me
That's fair
I shouldn't have tried to make you fill the void
I always made you so annoyed
You always made me so jealous
I used to give you presents
Just to let you know I cared
And every one in a while
I'd say something stupid so you'd give me a smile
Just to let me know I'm real
I loved our wild little schemes
I still want to give you everything you need
I want you to feel the way I feel
I want to give you all my seed
But all you ever give me
is five minutes in a dream

I know I hurt you
Hurts me too
still hurts me every single time you find someone new
You gave me fear, anxiety, tears
and cigarettes when I was broke
I gave you tears, lies, bad vibes
and the first cigarette you ever smoked
I gave you an addiction
because I wanted you to be addicted to me
Like I was addicted to you
But I couldn't afford your love and love is never free
Now all you ever give me
is five minutes in a dream

And baby all you ever give me
Is five minutes in a dream
Yeah, all you ever give me
Is five minutes in a dream

Why visit like this?
Five blissful minutes
Entranced by your ethereal image
Isn't enough to explain where the light went
You left me lifeless
I spent all day craving you until I passed out from exhaustion
And you arrived when the night did
With all your devices
Your timing is perfect like you look once you're all did up under the lights
On the pedestal I always, always put you on
And as soon as I begin imagining this fantasy will last
You're gone
I used to wanna fight like cats and dogs
I'd stay awake until dawn
Learning all the words to your favorite songs
And it all felt worth it because I thought I would love you forever
But I was wrong
I thought I loved you just the way you were
But I was wrong
I didn't want you
I wanted the angel inside you
I didn't need you
I needed the angel inside you
I didn't want you
I wanted what's inside of you
I didn't need you
I needed what's inside of you
I didn't want you
There's an angel inside of you
I didn't need you
There's an angel inside of you
I don't want you
I want the angel inside you
I don't need you
I need the angel inside you
I don't want you
I want what's inside of you
I don't need you
I need what's inside of you
I don't want you
There's an angel inside of you
I don't need you
There's an angel inside of you
And I don't want you
I only what's inside of you
And I don't love you
I only love what's inside of you
I don't love you
There's an angel inside of you
And I don't love you
I I love what's inside of you
I don't love you
There's an angel inside of you

I don't want you any more
You're a filthy little whore
I don't love you any more
Just leave me on the floor
Leave my corpse to rot
Cuz I gave you all I got
can't give anything else
I can't even help myself
Thought you were heaven sent
Instead I only loved what you represent

There's an angel inside you
Tore my pride in two
Couldn't be your friend
Now we'll never speak again
Track Name: Road to Nowhere / Wind
I'm on a journey to be heard
People used to tell me you can't hurt me with your words
Are you sure?
Desert the theatre of the absurd
Love is for the birds
I've been cured of that desire
While I preferred to burn
Inspired by the fires
So tired
Vison blurred
Try speaking thru barbed wire and see if your speech isn't slurred
There's a choir in heaven
Assuring me the situation is dire
But what's worse
The prophecy or the curse?
My body was public property at first
Till the odysee was properly disbursed
Immersed headfirst
Into my birth reversed
There's no point reliving your misgivings
When your head is spinning with thirst
The end
Beginning to comprehend
Most men cannot defend their creations
They befriend desperation
And burn like cremation from the start
They descend into desolation
I turn isolation into real art
inspiration comes from my steel heart
The congregation gathers to hear me so they can feel smart
Though one day they will attempt to peel me apart
I'm not exempt from the grating hell of reality
Casualties still feel sensuality
Where once was a soul that failed me
Now lies only a cold black cavity
Never to be filled in by human emotion
I see the future in slow motion
Notions deeper then oceans
I seek the means to an end
And achieve it with no commotion
Leave the comfort of home behind
What you dream of is only a stone's throw in kind
Blinded by cold
No status quo defined
Most are confined
To limited lives
When they can't describe what's on their mind
And I?
I depicted the sickest images of hell and heaven combined
Inclined to grab life by the horns and swarm it
you think there's nothing more to find in the storm?
Get out of the warmth of your dorm ya damn conformist

My brain stay insulated
You all do the same thing every day like your syndicated
I look out from inside the blizzard and see that I'll never be integrated
This is the illustration of my point
Still waiting to be vindicated
I'm trying to escape the simulated conversation
I can't take it
The hatred, the fakeness
Makes me wanna break shit
And make outrageous statements
Makes me think when you go famous the brain quits
And to me
That's what shame is

I might be on a road to nowhere
If so I'll take it alone
I don't care, my hope froze
Encased the cold

I said I might be on a road to nowhere
If so I'll take it alone
I don't care, my hope froze
Encased the cold

I know I'm alive because I can feel the wind
Still blowin'
look at the world I'm in
Still going
I burn up my sins
And smoke memories
I throw empty bottles
At the homes of my old enemies
I stay in doors for days
And move on when I have the energy
I stay healthy somehow
Except for the lethargy
scuffle up Cheetos
And duck jeopardy
Treachery is unavoidable
I still exploit it tho
Ice cold
It's this again
Poor excuse for a citizen
Lack disciple
I could have sworn I heard a voice
but it's the wind

I might be on a road to nowhere
If so I'll take it alone
I don't care, my hope froze
Encased the cold

I said I might be on a road to nowhere
If so I'll take it alone
I don't care, my hope froze
Encased the cold
Track Name: Slipaway
Don't be so worried about tomorrow
That you're always in hurry to finish with today
It seems like you got lot's of dreams
about who'll you'll be and the places you'll see
but don't cha know that they're all gonna slip away?

Now I know what you're probably thinking
But I'll never remember what you're trying to say
so you might as well fuckin' chill on that
Still, when you're ship has sailed and you've decided to stay
well l hope you'll remember your old friend BK

And I think frankly you've made a grave mistake in craving
Sick days and paid vacations
instead of trying saving your generation
I think you're wasting your inspiration
Some of the questions you're asking have no explanations
They're baseless
and I've got no more time to find your great big revelations

Don't understand my frustration
Cuz I couldn't give a damn if you did
I'm complacent
I hope every memory you have what remains exactly the the way it tasted
because there's no way to escape this
even the greatest things we savor
are all gonna slip away.

See, regrettably
every memory
we made became just an effigy
that we'll split down the center to be burned separately
that's acceptable
though I wish I could have kept one of the especially special pieces next to me
those were the seeds of ecstasy

But I'd be a hypocrite If i guarded my treasure endlessly
So everything I love, envy or cherish I'm gonna set it free

When I slip away
and I don't know
Maybe we should love each other
like one,
Let's just shut up about everything we suffered
and slip away
Tell me when you've had enough
and then we'll skip today
I don't give shit to play
I'm just a young nigga trying to get

Good, we square
I'd don't even care if you care that I don't care
Tell me what you really need when you don't breathe air
you could be a millionaire
Or gather a million prayers
But I swear that's all gonna slip away

So you better prepare for what we all share
and I'll be there when you face despair
Still singing the same "I don't care" song
and that's not fair, it's wrong
but I can't give a damn so
so long
because I am what I am
A man.
Life doesn't seem so long when ya gone
And until that point this is just something to dwell on
Dwell on
Before you slip away

weigh me down
with what's hurtin' you
when you can't explain
what's hurtin me
and even though this is so personal
you shouldn't take it so personally
it wasn't what it was supposed to be
My love was murdered in the first degree
Now it's locked away plotting ways to burst free
I loved, I lost
I lust
at a cost
My trust
was was tossed aside
there were some crossed lines
but pay it no mind
It's all over
no closure
Composure turned frost
The light has gone off.
and it was all in vain
I wrote her a love song.
and she told me i'm insane.
Track Name: Walls
I see the sun set
and wonder where the day went
some say as long as you're having a good time that's time well spent
I try to live my life to the fullest and have no regrets
but that state of mind might change yet
Because I can't let
the most fulfilling thing I do all day be when I get
my ass out of bed and go outside to smoke a cigarette
I dread facing the people I respect
seeing how much my negativity affects
Their goodhearted gestures I reject
I would resurrect my values if I knew how to
I brought my self down, I was bound to
I looked in the mirror the other day and said I don't even want to be around you
but I cant go on without you
and I don't know what to do
Sure is a pity feeling blue
not enough dollars in my pocket to change my mood
oh, by the way, I'm addicted to drugs to
hey maybe I'm screwed
maybe things'll never improve
and I'm suck with this bad attitude
but if that is a true claim I'll take it in stride
and turn my guilty shame into filthy pride
So far life has been a pretty shitty ride
But I did all right considering I didn't even try
Track Name: Absolute Melancholy, Infinite Sadness
The glasses we finish are inconsequently small
To cases of bottles
lining shelves on a wall
in a liquor store full of alcohol
Sometimes we take 12 shots
and claim we don't feel anything at all
A few die from it
most have a ball 15
Pushing themselves too far
But for those that do choke on vomit
damn that's really crap
I only bought that bitch a drink to get her in the sack
She loved my dumb, drunk raps
Even though I was only explaining
how bad I wanted to smash
I'm just being honest
I don't mean to be rash
And even though that's nonsense she just laughed
and that's whack
I'm just a a hack with a knack
for classless jokes
so sacrilegious
I never liked rules cause they're so damn rigid
I just wanna get my dividends
I watched my heart turn frigid and it didn't end
So I did it again
I used to have a lot of youthful energy
and friends
I replaced them with useful negativity
and madness
Absolute melancholy
Infinite sadness

Yeah man I said I replaced youthful energy with useful negativity
and feasted upon that bittersweet misery
I had to change the way people used to consider me
and for that reason Karma is slowly killing me
slipping slivers into my withered spleen
Let's see how far you get with greed
Tell me all about how far you went since I split the scene
But I been smokin' weed since I was sixteen
So I think it's safe to say that memory no longer applicably agrees
You told me I'm different
I agree
self aware of the hate received
Like when he at the talent show and he think he might
Spit a few bars try to save the night
Seems every time he step on stage he drop the mic
Cause they cut him off as soon as they hear something they don't like
That's why he tight
Being told you've gone to far you're entire life
pushes you to the point of not even trying to do what's right
You stop tryin' to blend in
If them wounds don't mend then
I guess you could die proud of every dollar you didn't spend
You got your dividends
I watched my heart turn frigid and it didn't end
So I did it again
I used to have a lot of youthful energy
and friends
I replaced them with useful negativity
and madness
Absolute melancholy
Infinite sadness