by BK James

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Bridging the gap between The Greenery Report and The Ice Age, Fall is just a taste of what's to come.


released November 16, 2011

written, performed, and mixed by BK James
recorded in 2011 at Newport Pleasure Studios in da Brook in New Paltz

© Three Penis Productions




BK James New Paltz, New York

BK James is the infamous co-founder of Three Penis Productions, an experimental music label, and has been steadily releasing music since a handful of BK & KGC songs appeared on Youtube in 2010. For more from BK, check out:

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Track Name: Introduction
It's that time of the year when the sun comes out less every day,
and we try to make orange vegetables look presentable.
The Greenery Report came and that shit was exceptional.
I wrote it in my own blood but it was illegible so I dropped it.
if you haven't heard it that's regrettable, you should cop it.
But I understand, I'm always skeptical but I'm technically credible, especially flexible, and definitely incredible.
Still, the Fall was inevitable.
Yeah, the Ball was inevitable but for now just sit back and digest this spectacle:

Track Name: Escapism
Some want to be doctors,
most settle for nurse.
I wanted the universe,
settled for Earth.
I know it's small.
That's why I'm a know-it-all.
I'm known to ball,
but I spent too much time on the bench
so now I'm tryin' to own it all.
I'm known to call
others out on mistakes they don't see.
So they forsake what they disbelieve.
When they speak they explain how they've been deceived.
They moved on.
I had to leave.

Fiended a boge down.
I had to breath.
I've smoked more of these then I've had dreams.
We all have those.
Well, we all have needs.
We all don't lead.
We all don't breed.
Still the same thing it all seems bleak.
Keep swapping catchphrases.
I'll speak.

Not every thought is unique.
There's been too many people,
we sneaked past the peak.
I can't eat this rotten fruit,
It reeks.
You fetal,
This equal defeat.
Evil is sweet.
Don't retweet that.
If you think you can get at BK
you're gonna need to preheat that!

I've rejected more astute observations
than the world has college acceptance letters
and hotel reservations;
in addition dismissing more random character flaws
than there are drunks in dive bars
and stars in the sky.
Hard headed I
started years ago that still bite me in the butt.
If beef turns to shove you might be fucked!

I might be nuts.
I'm in this alone,
it might be tough.
Go 'Juggernaught Flow'
never give up.
Put you where covers not,
then blow the spot up.
mug yer pops n' pop off,
guaped up,
smoking' blunts with bitches in hot tubs,
it's never enough.
I'm about to start buggin'.
You'd better have guts!

Memory so up to snuff
you would think son seldomly puffed.
Barbed tounges cleverly ducked.
Plucked another bud,
welcome back up.

The fallacy bucked.
I rode that wave…
it actually sucked.

No snapbacks allowed.
If I don't have a fitted on,
my heads in the clouds.
Track Name: Flying
Will the salt of the Earth shut up if you pay them enough?
I wonder
as I puff another one up.
I'm flying
I'm not as high as the standard society says it strives for
but I'm trying.
All I ever wanted to be was a good man,
I'm lying
If weed kills brain cells
well I guess I'm frying
The universal truth is
we're all dying slow
before the weed low
I figure out where I'm buying more
Winter feels like it's a million miles away
so what are you crying for?

And If you're implying that I'm high
then yeah, I'm fucking flying.

As in:
Kush cloud headed.
In the lap of luxury,
cushion down feathered.
Found pleasure.
Couch lock.
till I'm embedded
Indica weathered.
My whole house smells like pot.
I vouch for this crop.
No denying,

And If you're implying that I'm high
than yeah, I'm fucking flying.
Track Name: Welcome to Reality
Death's short,
life's long.
Spent the latter trying to write the the right song.
4 AM with the lights on,
I light bongs.
A handful of years later that life's gone.
Sometimes I fall in love with the wrong things.
When the night runs out see what the dawn brings.

Sunshine in my eyes,
surprised it's painful.
A new day brings the same bull.
Society lies.
When my drive runs dry
I resupply my high
and it's back to the by and by,
of aimless plight.
When the day runs out I claim the nigh.t
I came to fight.
I'm dangerous,
If I don't surrender the rain just might.

Gained some knowledge,
fortune and fame are not same thing.
I've had neither and maintained
a way to maim lame's game.
My language makes a cage
for them to be shamefully chained in.
complaints went
in one ear and out the other.
Just like every piece of advice I ever received.
Word to my father and mother.

Is this existence "it"?
I wish it wasn't so.
I don't believe in shit a bit.
Does it show?
Even in the brook flowers grow.
Break up some more bud,
that's where the hours go.
The afterglow of discovery
makes me bitter towards those under me.
I've had enough of these suckers.
Humanity thrives,
and because of that life suffers.

I am alive motherfucker!
Cuz one cell was a million times tougher.
I realized something:
Life's a bitch so I ducked her.
Another bad relationship.
I've been past the edge and wait to slip.
How fake is this?
I hate these bitches but like their Facebook pic
Still yet to find one that doesn't make me sick.

You only get one day; today.
It might start with a dream,
maybe it will seem good.
New Paltz proved a relatively clean hood.
I said I wouldn't get addicted,
only a fiend would.
When the Newports took me under
everybody understood.
I used to wonder if I could I have done it better.
What a waste of time,
it always winds up being never.

Welcome to reality.
Welcome to reality...
well? (X2)
Track Name: Fall
Sorry sweetheart,
they cut you off too soon.
It must be hard,
you received no boon.
Stuck with rough justice.
Close enough to clutch it close.
Maybe you could still touch it.
You had the power to decide what was right.
I hope it was real.
Tell me,
when they turned out the light,
how did it feel?
Probably melancholy.
You had it all.
Now you don't have anybody,
and this is the fall.

If you're feeling down it's just something in the air
I'd swear this is the last time the cycle will come around
leaves on the ground
I can see my breath
At a young age I found out the fall means death
and this is the fall
and this is the fall

Sorry sir,
someone should have told you:
I've always been an asshole,
even back then.
I'm sure there's more room for you in the black hole
I'm always half in.
You rolled out,
even though you never had dough.
You sold out,
so how can success be that slow?
You survived a squall, awesome.
Where you at now?
Remember you crawled once.
Back down.
I'm this way because I've got the gall son.
Summer became autumn
and this is the fall son.
You had it all son.
Now you don't have anybody
I guess you took the fall son.

If you're feeling down it's just something in the air
I'd swear this is the last time the cycle will come around
leaves on the ground
I can see my breath
At a young age I found out the fall means death
and this is the fall
and this is the fall

Sorry sexy,
we don't have any happy, sober memories.
Now your'e sadly so more than dead to me.
Then again,
obsession's always been my specialty.
We were the recipe for disaster.
The fall came faster
than I could try to grasp the fantasy.
The damage is done.
I figured out what the problem was,
damn, it's me.
So go have the time of you life.
I'll be fine
but I wonder?
If loves on the line
Will you stall
or will you take the fall?

If you're feeling down it's just something in the air
I'd swear this is the last time the cycle will come around
leaves on the ground
I can see my breath
At a young age I found out the fall means death
and this is the fall
and this is the fall

Life in the brook
turned to life in the booth.
Autumn came in and iced my youth.
The Ice Age is coming,
I have the proof.
That feeling in the air is what you'd feel
if you climbed up to the edge,
looked down,
and cryed all night on the roof.