by BK James

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BK joins forces with the renowned Space Squad (Laidback Meech & Mayo Nice), for a collaboration two years in the making.


released November 16, 2014

written, performed, and mixed by BK James
tracks 1, 5-7, 9 & 12 produced by Mayo Nice
tracks 2-4, 8,10-11 produced by Laidback Meech
recorded in 2014 at Newport Pleasure Studios II in New Paltz

© Three Penis Productions




BK James New Paltz, New York

BK James is the infamous co-founder of Three Penis Productions, an experimental music label, and has been steadily releasing music since a handful of BK & KGC songs appeared on Youtube in 2010. For more from BK, check out:

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Track Name: Phosphorescence
I'm back baby, in the flesh
It's like like I never left
But If you forgot why I'm the best
There'll ever be
Allow me to refresh
Your memory

Ponder this
Sometimes my mind wanders when I take a piss
A quick minute in which to reflect and reminisce
And it's been a minute since I tripped
But the afterglow still shines like phosphorus
Shit, maybe I slipped
I wish I lived
A more prosperous existence
I wish my philosophy
Was a lot less kafkaesque
This instant
Yeah, I'm still a ganja head
These days who isn't?
Still burning herb
While the outside world has gone to bed
I tended to count my accomplishments
But then again who didn't?
Never been the type to ask permission
My cognition paid a price for mental enrichment
Might cost me my life or be the best decision
I ever made in my life, no in the middle devision
Seen enough derision for a million moods
I don't fuck with haters mad about crocodilian shoes
Been a social chameleon who
Been dropping doodoo
Through vocal voodoo
Since I was prepubescent
Before the presence of phosphorescence
But that shit hasn't affected my message
If anything it only brought me back to the essence
And I'm not saying I learned my lesson
I'm just grateful I had a moment to address this
Quick as they accept you they reject you
Try to find some refuge to protect you
Where there's no room for your cousins or your nephews
Out past neptune
Just do you
Might as well be asexual
Cuz I just do me
Watching movies
Smokin' ooh-wee
I could truly do this shit till turn 33
But I don't think I'm gonna see 34
I was raised on the floor of dirty store
Pure of heart now I'm bored, bitter and sore
Gimmie filthy whores galore
Or 72 virgins and I'd still need more
I like to snort shit that come in a pill form
I like drugs so hard niggas kill for 'em
Fiending for their next fix while the corpse still warm
But on some cold shit you shoulda been born stillborn 2:24
And yet you were still born
Infinite prayers later and yet there's still war
I only care about what kind of person you are at your core
Despise what you adore
Ignore what you implore
Offshore accounts unaccounted for for sure
We off that, I inform the lore
That's assured
I'd die before I lived under someone else's terms
That's my word
I just wanna nice bird to burn the world with
And go down with my when we hit the iceberg

As an adolescent I ate too many anti-depressants
But I was still depressed
Anxiety omnipresent
Reality tested, the road had seemed endless
Until I was illuminated by phosphorescence
I'm still reckless,
Smoke bogies till I'm breathless
Vapor hangs around my throat like a necklace
Death beckons me daily
I live every day like it's my last
Right down to the second
But I reckon there's no heaven
And I don't fear a death or life sentence
So until I catch that charge I'm a keep poppin'
Track Name: Falling
Oh, baby I'm falling

Falling like the first time
I smoked a boge
or the second or third line
I put up my nose
Man, I don't know
what it is with these hoes
No offense
This is a rap song you know how it goes

Felt like I'd been knocked down
By hellhounds
Got a missing piece
Not when you're around
Get it? You're so loud
But you don't make a sound
This shit is gold
Are you writing this shit down?
Are you up to your neck in it
Ready to drown?
Got jokes
Guess I played the clown
I'll never love you more
Than when I see my first son's head crown
So get on and get on
Or get out of town

Oh, baby I'm falling

Oh baby, I'm stalling
It's so appalling
You like
Look like this one girl in this drawing
Are we done dawdling?
We should hang out
Like bats in an awning
Cuz an idea is dawning
On me baby maybe
We should do that thing
That results in spawning
I hope this don't sound alarming
But my heart is in the abyss
And I'm still falling
Track Name: Wake Up
To wake up in the morning that's a motherfuckin' blessing
Got your bitch caressing my neck
Professing I'm the best thing
Since the West Wing
Undressing me
Night terrors, Night terrors
Had a dream i worked my whole life for a slice of white cheddar
And a pair of all-white jesus-christ nikes
God asked me "is you rollin'?"
Said "Bitch, I might be."
To tell you the truth he looked a lot like me
Chillin' smoking' pot rocking' a white T
Throw some chains on me I'm the white Mr. T
My whole genre mystery
Droppin' prophecy in my lucid dreams
And when I wake up I rock stupid beats
All day I blow trees
I'm so dope I don't read
I just speak and show steez
Haters turn cheek
Don't bring that weak shit around me
Unless you wanna wake up with a horse head in ya sheets
Not even ya birth certificate believes you were born in the streets
I'm real
Pussy don't proceed
Nobody doubt my damn creed
And if they do they get the stampede
I been spitin' sick 16's since I was fourteen
Now I do they same shit with a little more weed
I keep my actions balanced
You lack and practice abstinence
Nothing happens in my absence
but in the mean time I'm a continue
pouring absinthe over sugar cubes
through a slotted spoon
for all my goons
You wanna trivialize both of are lives that's fine
But you won't chew my ear off on my dime
I don't give a fuck what you do in your own time
I don't give a fuck if you never wake up and realize
I'm dopeness realized
So Jesus I could heal broke minds
While my own kind is a veritable fuckin' goldmine
You fuckin' vegetables whither on the vine
Go die already
I ain't even smoke and I'm high already
Wake up baked up already
You fake sluts need to get your cake up already
My nutsack sweaty
I'm in the kitchen cookin' chicken parm wit spaghetti
Listening to symphonies
You're so petty, what a pity
I hope you overdose
And either die or go comatose
So you never wake up to see
That your inner face is so ugly
I be yelling' "fuck you"
You be yelling' "fuck me"
Wake the fuck up freak
Your hoe wake up next to me
Gimmie peck on the cheek
Then she gimmie good beak
My weed reek, I admire her technique
I be screaming "fuck you"
She be screaming "fuck me"

Wake the fuck up freak
I be screaming "fuck you"
She be screaming "fuck me"
Track Name: Super Smash Bros.
Blitzed out the gate with a blunt on deck
Spitting razor blades
And blunt objects
Came from waste
Waded through hate
I'm a slave to bad taste
And it's way too late
What'd you expect?
I suspect your next
Don't look perplexed
I'm only on point cuz I took my meds
Ain't it good to feel fed?
I bet you'd suspend your respect
For a treat and a pat on the head
On a leash, being led
I never followed no leader
Which made me a stranger
With a broken sobriety meter
I don't feel safe unless I'm in danger
I smoke eights for no reason
Evoke White Jesus, no manger
Straight out the aether
I did the math and
Found no remainder
No time for whiny rigid rhyme schemes
I keep 6 sixteens in the chamber
And I'm slightly slimy
Highly grimy
Don't make me lash out in anger cuz I'm mean
I mean I'm colder than some fuckin' ice cream
Smokin' out that pipe dream
Bitch you could get this
Instant gratification on ya death wish
Whenever I spit I inflict
Agony on the murder rate
I don't even have to spit
One bar to kill half of these invertebrates

You gon' learn today
I be sittin' on the couch
Fuck what ya earned today
I got way too much pot to burn away
I'm way too hot, you couldn't burn BK
I laugh out loud when your loved ones pass away
"Slipaway" on my resume
I sunbathe in gamma radiation
Rap game abomination
Dominating every conversation I participate in
Still haven't met a white bitch I wouldn't stick my dick in
Bad reputation but I brush off criticism
Cuz I'm thick skinned
If I lost an eye I'd be Snake Pliskin
The last thing I ever wanna be is a good Christian
And this beat's a very generous lover
In the streets I'm the next Crispin Glover
But in the butt I'm Brando
"Get the butter"
Goin' commando, not even a rubber
I might get smashed and smash your bubbler
I might get smashed and smash your mother
and let all my homies hit it like we super smash brothers

I might get smashed and smash your bubbler
I might get smashed and smash your mother
and let all my homies hit it like we super smash brothers

Chillin' wit my girl Samus
The world is my canvas
It's outlandish how
These lyrics deserve to be in religious pamphlets
Hit 'em wit the up-B, stomped a praying mantis
Hollered where the ass at
Bitch turned around
And the thing was mad fat
Conducted some fucked up stuff
Put a gun to your dad's dome
Said "where the cash at?"
He was talkin' shit
So I sealed my plantains with a chip clip
And filled that bitch with a banana clip
Now I'm headed to the mall
I'm a clap santa quick
Fat nigga know I been naughty
If I ain't the best I aught to be
Cuz I slaughtered mad niggas
And mad niggas wanna slaughter me
Street philosophy
I been got my degree
So tell ya mom to lay that diseased
Pussy right on me
Track Name: The Routine
Swag game nasty
Bills mad crispy
If I ain't ballsy
At least I'm cocky
Risky business
Frisky bitches
Hits be milky
Nigga I'm foul
Actually filthy
Accidents happen
Sometimes you spill weed
Sometimes you hit that motherfucker
With too much dill seed
But as you can still see
I'm of an ill breed
Kill dweebs
Just to see if they bleed
I pulled a fish out of water just to see if they breathe
Been droppin' more bars than broken slot machines
Too obscene for 16's I'll piss all on your dreams, please
Stop pretending your daughters not gonna be a slut for me
Rap game wolverine
Rated X on the team
Like we ream teens in a yellow submarine
Got cream, shit you know the routine
Shit, you know the routine

As a child I was a child predator
As a teenager I was dope peddler
As an adult I still smoke on the regular
Never had time for anything secular
There is no God, don't shoot the messenger
Thermometer's can't measure my temperature
My structure ain't molecular
I spit all non-sequiturs
And the next time I see your mother
I have to have sex with her
Bitch, I'm the number one breadwinner
She just the fuckin' head giver
She eat my dick raw
Like red liver
No ribbed for her pleasure my nigga
And If I am on my last lap
In this rat race
Whatever nigga
I'm only in it for the bread
And the cheddar nigga
I never strived to be a better nigga
I never strived to be a better man
Cuz I don't think I can
I'm in damn fine form tho
This shit right here is what Jesus fuckin' died for yo
This shit right where is what Jesus ended his life for
So you could live out youR life in that eyesore
And buy whores
I oftentimes find myself forced to scrape off the floor
All different flavor bitches on my dick, smorgasbord
All I hear is harpsichords
Shit, you know the routine
Came from nothing now I'm supreme
Smokin' weed, that's the theme
The bitch is greed
I nut then leave
Shit, you know the routine
Track Name: Nostalgic Remnants
Light up another one
Little fuel for the engine
Takes about a dime just to loosen the tension
I could a been a reverend
Look at me today
I ain't no fuckin' legend
I don't give a damn if you don't pay attention to my lesson

This one goes out to all a my fake brethren
Who were smoking blunts when I was forced to scrape resin
Watching 7
When I was 7 I used to count my presents
Proof that I'm a peasant
Never been to Lake Pleasant
My presence is reminiscent
Of halloween like Donald Pleasance
Sentiment venomous
Memory sediment rings resonant
Burning earth elements resurrects nostalgic remnants
Artificial intelligence
Paying for temporary transcendence
With perpetual pestilence
These bars are the evidence
And now I'm an outcast
That stands out in a room full of elephants
Devoid of elegance
Annoyed with excellence
A paranoid menace
Dragging myself down
still grasping nostalgic remnants

Dragging myself down
still grasping nostalgic remnants

I think I ingested too many phosphorescents
Ahh, I wasn't paying attention to that mofif anyway
I like to dip my toes in to get a taste
Of diagnosis thrown my way
They told me I might have diabetes
Went out and bought white cake that day
I fully comprehend every mistake that I make
Nostalgic remnants composed of ironic elements
Are the only things I save
I tripped acid on honorable men's graves
I stoked the flames in the allegory of the cave
Still stay steady smokin' and that's mandatory
Playin' scategories in my laboratory
With some hoes around to straddle on me
Move like cattle for me
Yeah, that'll be the day
My vocabulary's so inflammatory
Four years gone by and everything changed
Can't ditch the addictions we gained
Cuz the shit ingrained in brain
Smoked sick strains
But the shit stains
in my jeans are all that remains
I still ain't breathed the same since all that cocaine
Tested my intestines
Should've invested in more romaine
All those things done to stay entertained
Should've preordained
The insane mania wore away
And the nostalgic remnants are all that remain
And this desolate tenement
Reminds me of the graveyard
And I still feel depression is imminent
And every shred of criticism I take hard
And even though I've long discarded the emotional attachment
To what I had when it happened
I'm still bombarded
With nostalgic remnants
Of fragments of projects I started
And I still laugh when i think about your face and how I farted in it
What a heatless, vivid image I harvested from the carcass of living
Nostalgic remnants never taste the same Like week-old scraps
Track Name: Just Reminders
I rise as the night owl
I fall at dawn
Stayed awake so long
And all I found
And all I smoked
And all these songs
Are just reminders
Of my failures
I could have had her
But it don't matter
She made me mad
I made me madder
It don't get bad until after
After it's too late to unmake
Bittersweet mistakes (just reminders)
I try pretending they're fake
Till they blow up in my face
I've been a wasteful disgrace
Detached and distant
Everything I do is in bad taste
Isn't it?
This shit is sour mayonnaise
Slathered in pidgin shit (just reminders)
That ain't nice
If I think I'm so intelligent
Then why do I act so ignorant?
That ain't right
This shit weighs me down wherever I go
That ain't light
Now my friends are telling me I need to change who I am to get high
That ain't life

Just reminders
Of our failures
Just reminders
Of our desires
Just reminders
Of our secrets
Just reminders
Of our past

The people of Metropolis
will listen to whatever Superman has to say
In 1938 he told them women had the right to vote, smoke and be gay
So if his words still ring true today
How do I ever have a chance to pray
That my own words slip away? (slipaway, slipaway, what a waste)
I have to know so I can decide if it came out wrong
Tell me
What the fuck is the purpose of even making this song?

Just reminders
Of our failures
Just reminders
Of our desires
Just reminders
Of our secrets
Just reminders
Of our past
Just reminders
Of our dreams
Just reminders
Of our dreams
Track Name: I Lost Myself
Restart my beat heart
I need a spark that's not a drug
A large part of my grave is already dug
If you make out with a shark
It's bound to bite your tongue off
There's a hole in my head
I'm just trying to stop the runoff
Been doing this rap thing for a minute
Still ain't made the playoffs
Still ain't seen the payoff
At least I can't be laid off
At least my dick don't stay soft

Some people are cheapskates
Some people are drug addicts
I'm all that and an emotional eater
A walking bag of bad habits
First I tried whiskey
Then I tried weed
Followed by bogies then E
Xanax, cocaine, LSD
Perkaset, adderall, DXM,
Ambien, 25I, and mushies
The only thing I didn't try was me

For a minute there

I lost myself

Kids will be kids
And I will be too
And that's the way it is
Till my days are thru
If you keep chasing a high
You won't change your point of view
Till' you feel like Woody in Toystory
Nobody wanna play with you
You think you're the bomb
But you never blow-up
So mature in your head
Even when your friends tell you to grow up
I wouldn't listen to anyone
Drink until I throw up
You know what?

For a minute there

I lost myself

Trip after trip
Perpetual falling
I thought the phone was ringing
Ignored my calling
Searching for something
By searching through stalling
I found thousands of answers
And they were all appalling
Crawling through the sprawling
Universe which almost proved
Too heavy a load to be hauling
Impaled upon a flaming sword
Sorry darling
It's back to drawing board
Laid out in a puddle of charming gore
A horde of goblins harvesting my spinal cord
And they all scream "what you crying for?"
Track Name: "Freedom"
I'm free
I'm free
I'm free

Hey Freedom
Hey I love my freedom
Ooh, Freedom
Yeah, I love my freedom

You can't take that from me
You'll never take that from me
I've got money
You'll never take that from me
I can be what I wanna be
cuz I'm free

Ooh, Freedom
Yeah, I love my free
Yeah, I love my freedom
Ooh, Freedom
Yeah, I love my free
Yeah, I love my freedom

Ooh, Freedom
Yeah, I love my free
Yeah, I love my freedom
Ooh, Freedom
Yeah, I love my free
Yeah, I love my freedom

I love puppies and porno
And kittens and women
And niggers and children
I love the living and the dead
Milkshake or soda
Vodka or Soco?
Too much freedom to choose
Too much freedom to lose

Freedom is a lie
We need money to survive
Which is why I feel contrived
If there's a price to stay alive
I don't want to even try

I drink but I don't drive
Cuz I failed my road test twice
Got too high both times
First time bitch hated my vibe
second time forgot to turn on the lights
Now I gotta retake the 5 hour class
Cuz my permit's expired and it makes me mad tight
You know freedom is a lie, right?

Freedom is a lie
We need money to survive
That's why I feel contrived
If there's a price to stay alive
I don't want to even try

One time I took a little drive
Down to the station, i knew why
I was drunk when I arrived
That's probably no surprise
1 minute of violence
Cost me 4 hours of silence
And countless time paying it back in cash
The court want 4 stacks
On top of that
All for a little broken glass
They want all the bread I got
And I can't even try to put up a fight
You know freedom is a lie right?

Freedom is a lie
We need money to survive
That's why I feel contrived
If there's a price to stay alive
I don't want to even try

They be tracking me online
That's fine
ain't got much to find
Cept when I torrented some porn
And they hit me with some fines
Caught me by surprise
a chill ran down my spine
knowing they had eyes on me the entire night
You know freedom is a lie right?
Freedom is a lie
We need money to survive
That's why I feel contrived
If there's a price to stay alive
I don't want to even try