The Greenery Report pt. II

by BK James

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Old habits die hard.


released August 8, 2013

written, performed and mixed by BK James
tracks 3 & 9 cowritten and coperformed by KGC
recorded in 2013 at Newport Pleasure II Studios in New Paltz

© Three Penis Productions




BK James New Paltz, New York

BK James is the infamous co-founder of Three Penis Productions, an experimental music label, and has been steadily releasing music since a handful of BK & KGC songs appeared on Youtube in 2010. For more from BK, check out:

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Track Name: Fucks Ungiven
What I become?
Just listen
Bad weather still matches my disposition
I'm a bad man by my own admission
My mission is still spittin' wisdom
Reliving every bad decision
I made while some stay hidden
Driven by ambition
Delivering veridical renditions with no omissions
This is exactly what I envisioned
And if you found an opinion has arisen
Forget it
Fucks ungiven
Every loser in the world wants history rewritten
Fucks ungiven
Go home and hold your children
Tell them they're brilliant
one in a billion
Train them to be good little civilians
Make sure they love kittens
Respect women
And fear what's forbidden
I don't give a shit
I'll be the villain
Fucks ungiven

Man, fuck the system
And my buttcheeks
Kiss 'em
Fuck these bitches
I'll never miss 'em
As for the haters
Well, I already dissed em'
Slit my wrists?
You wish son
Keep talkin' shit, um
You gon' get pissed on
Please don't get this wrong
I don't care
Not even a smidgeon
Don't you dare
Try to give me criticism
Forget it
Fucks ungiven
Every loser in the world wants history rewritten
Fucks ungiven

In light of derision
I'm still delivering consistently
In spite of my position
I still seek the truth persistently
This one's a little bit more literate
For everyone's safety I insist you keep your distance
Some took my advice
Some didn't
Despite past differences
You think I'm gonna remain anything but indifferent
Until the end of existence?
Fucks ungiven
Every loser in the world wants history rewritten
Fucks ungiven
Track Name: The Bad Guy
Been vilified for a while
Look in my eyes, you'll find no denial
This goes out to everyone I ever lied to
I became the bad guy just for you

Felt like I been vilified
And demonized
They think i can't act civilized
I felt victimized
In this sad life we can't all be idolized
Some are bound to be spited
We can't all be invited
You could try to deny what's inside you
Mad times
Striving for the things money can't buy
But one day you're gonna realize
We all got a part to play
And I'm the bad guy

I accepted my fate
Been rejected, no hate
So many are subjected to suffering with no escape
Pain is to be expected, oh great
Men are filled with millions of imperfections
Which if left neglected
Will teach you a lesson
The hard way
and if you're trying to lessen the aggression
My suggestion is to start today
We all got a part to play
and I'm the bad guy

Look at me today, I'm the fat guy
Look at me tomorrow, I'm the bald guy
Look at me yesterday, never gave a fuck
Probably never will
So what?

So I'll never be commended
Instead alway condemned
I didn't intend to offend
Everyone I ever befriended
Through desperate agendas
Guess I'm demented
How splendid
People feel better about themselves when i'm around
How transcendent
Sometimes I pretend I'm one of them
Still seeking vengeance
Unable to kick this penchant
For wearing smoke in and around my throat like a pendant
But If I found a dollar on the ground I'd spend it
On a cigarette
Which will make me content until the end of this sentence

Yes, I covet flesh
Yes, I get death threats
I'm depressed and detested
I'm a testament to excess
I'm excrement
I congest and oppress and infect and and repress
My intents to molest
I've been told I'm awful, evil, terrible, amoral and a pest
And yet I remain unimpressed
Yes, I'm the bad guy
Track Name: Hate Me Now ft. KGC
There's so many roads I wish never went down
Too late to turn around now
Haters abound
I'll make them cry before I play their clown
I smile when I see them frown
I feel unwelcome in my own town
They can all go drown
In case you weren't aware
The king of darkness wears no crown

You could hate me now
For when I won't be around
Go ahead and hate me now
But that'll never slow me down
You could hate me me now
I hope that it makes you proud
Go ahead and hate me now
I just hope you feel more endowed
I hope one day you turn around and say 'wow'
And never show doubt till the put you in the ground

The bitch is life and my muse is a whore
They fuck all night, soon to need more
Doin' what's right is a snooze and a bore
Fight my sorrow with drugs till I'm blue on the floor
Blue on the floor? Sure
I've already gone against everything I swore I'd do
Turned myself rotten to the core too, it's true
But I don't want any sympathy because I feel nothing for you
Nothing but wanting
Nothing but lust for the poor souls that I'm haunting
I have no soul of my own and that concept is so daunting
I'm more disappointed in myself than the people I'm taunting
I'm skulking though a vibrant world
Insulting quiet girls
Who never deserved the negative words she heard
I am a one man island
Defective, unaffectionate
and I'll never be cured

You could hate me now
For when I won't be around
Go ahead and hate me now
But that'll never slow me down
You could hate me me now
I hope that it makes you proud
Go ahead and hate me now
I just hope you feel more endowed
I hope one day you turn around and say 'wow'
and never show doubt till the put you in the ground

C'mon and hate me and see where your hate leads
Breathe life in this hate freak and release a caged fiend
Anger, aggression, see where you take me?
See what you made me?
It's crazy
I have to berate these
Unworthy, lame, weak
Base tweaked
Retrained bees with fake steez
These MC's are filled with envy
This king has plenty of ways to deal with you gentry
Murder these bastards in groups of like twenty
These lemmings are too weak to even offend me
Assume the position, bowed head and bent knees
Hate me and find out where you and your death meet
Hate me just so that you could die next
Despise me and feel my clenched teeth make your neck bleed
It's crucial
I'm brutal when facing you hacks
Quit staging this act
You disgraceful quacks
I am the seed of hate, greed, and wrath
So embrace what you hate and face this attack

You could hate me now
For when I won't be around
Go ahead and hate me now
But that'll never slow me down
You could hate me me now
I hope that it makes you proud
Go ahead and hate me now
I just hope you feel more endowed
I hope one day you turn around and say 'wow'
and never show doubt till the put you in the ground

I'm sick, I'm scum, I'm slime
Shoulda been born deaf, dumb and blind
My desire's a crime
Been a liar the entire time
You could rewire my entire mind
And I'd still be inclined to defy mankind, it's true
I'm fuckin' crazy baby
You should try to escape to where I can't find you
So you could hate me in safety
Track Name: Lonely People
Lonely people aren't peaceful
Seldom cheerful
We're often feeble
Fed by needles
Led to evil
Selling hell for a piece of freedom
Look at what we've become:
Demons with no allegiance
Heathens with nothing to believe in
Freaks who spend every weekend alone
Sleeping alone every evening knowing something's wrong
All us lonely people
Where do we all belong?

Lonely people sitting silently
Childishly imagining happy couples dying violently
Wait for the day that never comes
And when it finally does
They scream for arms around them and receive none
Privacy is a cage
Rivalries fade
Dynasties change
And all the while millions are wasting away
All alone
Cold as stone
And never known
No never known

Lonely people need only each other
Yet for some reason salvation from isolation
Is almost impossible to discover
At least we have inspiration to hold us over
Yeah, we got our creations and our culture
Poetry, paintings, and sculptures
But these things don't have a chance of saving you from the vultures
No chance of saving you from the vultures
Oh, it's so vulgar
When will it all be over and done?
Will they even notice when we're gone?
Track Name: Hideaway (Interlude)
I don't need no black clouds hanging over me
Smoked almost a G and I still got a loud pack left
Big bags? Bet
I painted my dreams green and that dream is yet to leave
If you don't agree just let it be
Let me rest in pieces like broken bongs
And maybe you can learn to drift away like ghost hits taken by soccer moms
Who haven't smoked in oh so long
Motivated to reach the peak
And then just like that the notion's gone
So I'm a smoke another one if I got the buds
Buy another bag if I got the funds
If the cops after you know you run
But if I ditched the blunt
Bet I head back and pick it up
And if it's big enough I might give ya some
But bet I don't toss the roach 'till its really done
My moniker: BK James
And the New Greenery Report hasn't even begun son

Track Name: Please Believe
There's a pain in my heart that won't be defeated
I believed in myself so much I became completely conceited
In my ignorance lust and greed were all I ever heeded
The pendulum swings, oblivious, irrelevant, unneeded
Universal equality exists yet still we've all still been cheated
For every spoiled child one that's been mistreated
But many more things have been started than completed
And some would say that there is no single thing you can do that couldn't be repeated
I find that egregious
And even if I embrace evil and bleed shit and piss
My dreams will still be prestigious
Please believe this

Pity is not loving the stars, the moon, the sky or the sun
No I won't dance there's no chance
I'm a grown man my romance is cold now
But that mode won't last
She granted me a glance in class that was fast
Damn, my standards are vast
I stopped drinking till I was passed a flask
What a blast
I brought myself into this I was never asked
Never outclassed I outlast
And that's the exact same spirit that made me an outcast
I'll be on this rap shit
'Till they put me in the casket
Or maybe I'll break all my bad habits
'Till my ashes are scattered
Life was a flash in the pan
And nothing really mattered
The only thing you can try to do is break the pattern
And make some small imprint on the world with all of your swagger
Happiness can be had but no one's gonna hand it to you on a platter
And if I have to sacrifice tomorrow to salvage today
Please Believe I'll be OK

I'm a bastard
I hate being sober, I love being plastered
Some people keep a bible on the dashboard
But I'm not afraid of facing disaster
Embracing the hazards
Becoming crasser
And serving no master but the master piece
I know what you're after B, please believe me
And even though it might not be easy
It's never too late to enjoy the evening
I'm not too satisfied right now but I've got a feeling
Fathom that
Imagine you could get that childlike sense of abandon back
And maybe you can if you let this anthem blast
Cuz that's that damn crack
Believe that

Imagine you could get that childlike sense of abandon back
And maybe you can if you let this anthem blast
Cuz that's that damn crack
Believe that
Track Name: Hideaway
Please believe all the bad news
What've I got to lose?
Please excuse
This young ego bruised
Product of the molecules who
Mystified by magnitude
Can now proudly conclude
There's safety in solitude
I've got solid proof
And a bad attitude
Shown no gratitude
And been told I'm rude before
Hate me now
Shaky ground's my turf
I can take any form
Without a sound I morph
Brooding, scorned, and unsure
But what's shapeshifting worth when the thing I most adore
Is lying secure behind locked doors
Where there's no more forms to whore?

Where's your vaccine, antidote or cure?
Where's your magazine, packet, note, or brochure?
Or dossier?
This isn't entertainment you fiend, slipaway
This time is mine
I made it to hideaway
So why don't you leave and go replay
Any other piece of my life that I saved
And be grateful I even gave you that many mazes to play with
Frequently misinterpreted when I elocute the finer point's of amazement
So instead I say shit
And the smartest thing you could do?
Don't say shit
My solution to the problem?
Hideaway quick

And the smartest thing you could do?
Don't say shit
Track Name: Ain't Shit to Me
I had a thought
And now it's gone
It seemed so real
And now it's gone
I understood how to get along
But now that thought is fucking gone

I had a high
And now it's gone
I gave a fuck
And now it's gone
I smoked a bong to get along
And now the high is fucking gone

I had beliefs
And now they're gone
Pleasant dreams
And now they're gone
It took too long to get along
And now those ideas fucking gone

Yet the implications linger on
There's something in the air ya can't put your finger on
When ya favorite song comes on and ya can't enjoy it
That's disappointment
Being annoyed with employment
Is like being surprised to find there's a fly in your ointment
And if you spend too much time wondering what the point is
The potential it once had becomes pointless
Because you can't exploit it anymore
It's too late to compare yourself as part of the metaphor
They should put you in a box like some petit fours
And I know that's simply a simile
Really ain't shit to me
Alone or in front of a million pilgrims
When I sing I sing to me
The soliloquy stings deep
Mellowed by the misery
Solo in this hellhole having hollow, bitter epiphanies
This could be some brilliant symphony
I've got the ability
Just give me a little weed
So I can see the world a little bit differently
Addiction is a viscous bitch indeed
Ain't shit to me
So if I disappear like Mr. T
And no one remembers to leave my legacy
And I become yet another dead sea
What a joy that would be
To be free
Just as you are to disagree
Life is brief but there's no need to hurry
You've got time to make up your mind, don't worry
If the sun is no fun don't wake up early
Who's to determine which worldly journeys are worthy?
The clergy say if your journey is pure then surely
You'll receive the secrets in your dreams
But I've never taken DMT so I'm not sure what that means
I haven't even had a real belief since my teens
And I'm sorry if that's disappointing
Nobody is what they seem
Really ain't shit to me

I had a thought
And now it's gone
It seemed so real
And now it's gone
I understood how to get along
But now that thought is fucking gone

I had a high
And now it's gone
I gave a fuck
And now it's gone
I smoked a bong to get along
And now the high is fucking gone

I had beliefs
And now they're gone
Pleasant dreams
And now they're gone
It took too long to get along
And now those ideas fucking gone

I had a thought
And now it's gone
Deep philosophies
Now they're gone
I understood, how to get along
Yet of course the remorse is all that lingers on

I was high
But now it's gone
I gave a fuck
But now it's gone
I smoked a bowl to get along
But of course the remorse is all that lingers on

I had beliefs
I had wet dreams
I had fantasies and feelings I kept brief
I had faith in medicine and machines
I had ecstasy yesterday
I had mind blowing peaks
I had streaks
I had beats
The only thing I didn't have was peace
Peace of mind
I wish I could rewind
At least half the time
I spent lyin' round
Cryin' about how I spent
The time or money that I sent
Down the drain
Large percentage of my days gone to waste
Waiting for my torment to wade
Saying nasty things about the thing I became
Clasped down by my own cynicism
Prisoner of my own criticism
Splitting myself through long division
Sitting, brooding, Indecision
Pacing, waiting, in this prison
Criticizing my disguise from inside
So I've grown to despise
My oily skin and the bags under my eyes
And even though it's been a while since I cried
Every time I smile I feel like it's a lie
Ain't shit to me
At least I realize
At least I know why
I could explain it all right now but I haven't got the time
Sorry if that's a disappointment
Ain't shit to me
Track Name: Self-Aware ft. KGC
Sometimes I stare in the mirror but I am not there
I know what I am, but not where
Life is not fair
But I was never scared
I don't need your prayers
The problems I have will no be repaired
I swear
I'd rather walk on glass then tread on air
My condition is rare
I'm in no position to care
Brooding in my lair
Glued to a chair
The worst part about being myself is being self-aware

Adderall and Ativan
Yeah, that's my caravan
Pull me up and drag me down
In a hole in higher ground
Going north, but headed south
And that's the truth straight from a liar's mouth

I'm ashamed of my life on this planet
God damn it
What God would fuckin' plan this?
Just pop a couple tabs and let the trance hit
So fucked up off these drugs that I can't even manage
I vomit, black out, and wake up in a damn ditch
It's a metaphor for what my life has turned into
Look into my eyes and watch the demons burning through
No one around me seems to even notice
That I'm drowning in the same drugs that I used to fuckin' cope with
Liquor every night just to escape into a dream world
Shots to the head just a suicidal fiend curled
Up in a ball, get to the toilet, lean, hurl
Flush it down and watch as my dreams swirl
No escape, I can't seem to find the door
All I find is more idiots and mindless whores
Fuck man, is this really all my time is for?
No please, oh God, it can't be
How can someone love me when I can't fuckin' stand me?
Mind racing like a Grand Prix
Where's my next fix from?
No money for food but just enough to get drugs
Booze, shrooms and adderall
I used to think I had it all
Y'know, I used to think I had it all
But there's no denying that what goes up has to fall
And that mentality feeds this downward spiral
This vicious cycle eating it's way out of me
Destroying vital organs
This depression's viral
Forcing me to hold my own trial
And I pray every time that that fuckin' jury hangs me
Put me in the freezer, have the coroner slab me
Build me a pine box, drop me down fast, please
Throw some dirt on me
And let the maggots have my last feast
Cuz life goes on
Within me, without me, and past me

Fly's in my nostrils continue to climb
Deeper, while I remain docile, well past my prime
When I fuckin' end it a fossil's all they'll find as evidence of my hostile mind
The only thing I learned from life is that life is a colossal waste of time
Fly's crawl up my nose, death creeps up my spine
That's fine
I can kill tomorrow
Tonight's mine

Adderall and Ativan
Yeah, that's my caravan
Pull me up and drag me down
In a hole in higher ground
Going north, but headed south
And that's the truth straight from a liar's mouth

Adderall and Ativan
Yeah, that's my fuckin' caravan
Pull me up and drag me down
In a hole in higher ground
Going north, but headed south
And that's the truth straight from a liar's mouth
Track Name: The Irreversible Nature of Time
Life isn't fair
You learn that day one
It's all too much to bear by the time that day's done
You can hear time tick in the beat of the drum
Or watch it burn from the heat of the sun
you can taste time fly from the tip of your tongue
Or ten years later when your still coughing up lungs
You can smell time rotting when you live in a slum
But you notice it the most
When it's crawling slow
While you're alone and cold and numb
If it wan't for the irreversible nature of time I'd redo everything I ever done
If it wan't for the irreversible nature of time I'd redo everything I ever done

You can lick your wounds which I do
Or go looney tunes which I did
But you're still inching away from the womb
Into the waiting arms of some puny gloomy tomb if there's room for you
Which there is
I wish they'd stick me in the ground naked and careless
Like when I came into the world before I knew what fair is
Villains are just victims that are no longer children
So, you stepped into the system
Expecting to find a rhythm
Without realizing you were imprisoned
On the wrong side of the prism
They say alcoholism is curable
But autism isn't
Neither is capitalism
Our new religion
where christians join hands with sinners
To manipulate women and children
If you'll pardon the euphemism
Who took the youths ambition?
I used to be a musician
I used to perform compositions
Now I'm more like an oral mortician
Embalming the mortal remains of my morality
With more discipline
Might as well get it off my chest now before we're senior citizens

No more heartwarming normality for me
My inner war's first casualty's now long deceased
After ego death arrogance increased
Burning sexuality just took a short leave
Until the morning when I force-feed
Reality down my throat till I bleed
At some point in time we've all been deceived
Then reconfigured the fundamentals of what we believe
Hiding beneath the sheets for weeks
Time leaps forward
But your progress creeps
We're splitting at the seams
Awake yet asleep
The cost of living is far too steep
Sometimes the irreversible nature of time makes me want to weep
Weep, weep
Sometimes the irreversible nature of time makes me want to weep
Weep, weep

Fast forward the bad moments and rewind the good times
If I could
Skip the breakup
Play my first kiss and pause it
Yeah, that would be good
Facebook can't keep track of everyone I un-friended
Burnt bridges can be rebuilt
But these wounds will not be mended
I used to be mature for my age
Now I'm just demented
Coulda been prevented
Too late to turn back
Ain't even worth the mention
It would've all faded to black
But I gave me an extension
The irreversible nature of time will get me eventually
Retained every shred of shame I ever gained
Never say I didn't pay my penalty
I only experience happiness seldomnly
I don't know where my heart is
I wish I was still sellin' weed
Cuz the irreversible nature of time will be the death of me regardless
And I'm still smoking' weed
cuz eternity ain't shit to me
You won't live to see
it's mystery
Gosh darn it
Track Name: Greenery Report pt. II
Come spark up wit the verbal arsonist
But don't start shit you can't finish
Am I a narcissistic nihilist?
Or a nihilistic narcissist?
You garbage bitch
The farce exists in parts and bits
when I'm starved for bliss
Can't harvest piff
I pop some shit you get from a pharmacist
If you ain't a martyr guard your wrists
Who you know hard as this?
Used to get high as shit
Go tell lies to my psychiatrist
Then pick 5 fuckin' prescriptions up
Head back to the crib and flips cups
And rock beer pong shots and take so many shots
I dropped bottles
Cuz I stayed gonzo non-stop
The Greenery Report could've been pot pop
If you gave this hot knob a polish
While I pop E and start wobbling to these beats I demolish
I'm a beast
Shoulda been abolished
Instead I'm in college with alcoholics
But you still catch me on greasy street corners
Or at the beach smokin' bong hits
I'm the chief
I got balls kidd
Go all in
Big ego, Big libido
We smoke weed wherever we go
And when I'm in the booth all I do is nail free throws
Some folk think I sold my soul to the devil
I did
Woke up in the ghetto
Blind but I heard the instrumental
It made me sentimental
Talkin bout walkin' a mile in my shoes?
You couldn't get a foot in my slipper
And I stay hot in these streets
Cuz I'm good with the niggers

And we smoke that shit

They say you never get higher than the first time
I think that's about the worst lie I've ever heard in this cursed life
Submerge my my mind in versed high 'till my thirst dies
Don't sweat it
Can't you see the reason I'm constantly kush cloud headed
Is cuz coming downs the one thing I've always dreaded?
So I keep committing these well rehearsed crimes
'Till the hearse finds mine's in terse pine
Won't regret it
There's so much less to be upset with
When I can't even remember to forget shit
Better than the rest cause I'm restless
I can't come down
But maybe I catch up with myself on the next rip
'Till then no human invention
Is suited to attempt to measure
My higher then ascending to heaven
Hit after hit of impending pleasure
Haters talk shit about words without pretending they read them
Don't mention the leisure I'm involved in again
Unless you wanna end up a severed head
Murder unsolved

It was never like this
I was just a kid
Didn't even know what weed is
Thought I'd never take a rip
Don't know how I slipped
Used to give my friends shit for being idiots
Well irony's a hideous bitch isn't it?
They say we're bound to repeat our parents mistakes
Well how you think I made all these fuckin' mixtapes?
It was never liked this
I was just a kid
Didn't really know what weed is
Thought I'd take a rip
Thought it couldn't hurt
Thought I had a grip
I mean isn't this what my dad smoked before that Rolling Stones concert?
Didn't feel anything at first
Thought it didn't work
Weed is whack
I was so damn sure
But sometimes you take what you get handed
I was chillin' with my best friend and his older brother
Never planned it
We smoked one bowl after another
And then my vision expanded
Didn't understand it
Didn't realize what was happening
Couldn't stop laughing
We were on the couch watching jackass
I thought to myselfm "must've been that grass"
Right then and there I should have made that hit my last
I wasn't up to the task
Three years later and I'm wearing the mask

New game, new name
Gettin' paid, whose James?
One day I realized I had time to waste
And life offered so many kinds of tastes
That reality had holes in it with which to escape
I was bored so I drank
The funnel made me feel alive
I went to great lengths
Keg stand than slam cups
Sometimes someone handed me a blunt
After taking shots of rums
Threw tens on an eighth of the dank
No lightweights in my ranks
Isn't it great?
I was barely 17 when I took my first cigarette break
My biggest mistake
We used to party three nights a week
Used to be just beers
Quickly joined by weed
Followed by bogies
Then E
Feelings I couldn't believe
For the the first time in my life I was finally free
At least that's what I perceived
Getting high all week
High school was bullshit so I had to leave
That's what the psychiatrists told me
I went to the mental institution just to see
Just to write some poetry
Surprisingly well received
I was high all week
It made me feel achieved
I was naive
I couldn't sleep
It felt like Christmas Eve
And it really was cuz what a present I had waiting under the tree
A crib right in town with my homies
What a great idea
Even my parents and psychiatrist agree
June 1st lease
No responsibilities except work
How hard could it be?
For the first time in my life I was finally at peace
Except I had absolutely no idea of what was really in store for me
So the very first night we like
Decided to invite
A few close friends
We were very excited
They bring beer we light it
We got the bong, the legend
United around it, it felt like heaven
Shortsighted we had nothing to sleep on
Too busy playing beer pong
Won seven games soon as I stepped on
And I only stepped off the table to change the song
I could do no wrong
We were all getting wavy didn't take too long
Before this kid who was with this chick was puking his brains out on the lawn
The delighted sentiment of which is now so far gone
Not every ugly duckling turns into a black swan
And after your swan song
We'll pick a casket from a catalogue
And pray they don't spell your name wrong
On your gravestone
And we'll stay blown
Off that homegrown
Like we're prone to do
We're too stoned for them to be thrown at you
We were to stoned to know which roads to go down
We were too stoned to know who to trust
Small fish in a small town
Now it seems like we didn't know much
I've leaned on weed like a crutch
I've relied on it so much
I've become vile to the touch without it
I dumped dutch guts in the fountain of youth
Cuz I'd rather die high in due time
Than live forever doubting the truth
There are some things we're bound to lose
Bake out the bad news in the back of the whip
Feeling burnt out and blue
Tragically slipped
Recognized this, took another hit
The record must've skipped
Encrypted with jealousy
Equipped with envy
Ripping the bowl until it's empty
Resurrected several memories
I spent twenty
I smoked plenty
But each ghost toke makes me sorrier cuz soon I won't have any
And when I don't have any I am my only enemy
The serenity and ecstasy I feel everyday only lowers my life expectancy
This is all I'll ever be
I wish I was still sellin' weed
Because the irreversible nature of time will be the death of me regardless
And because I'm an artist
I'll be taken' the largest hits
In the heart of darkness
Until my last breath
Each ghost hit makes me sorrier cuz soon I won't have any left
Track Name: Amended Footnotes
And just to reiterate
The game needed to be be reinvigorated
So I figured I would re-demonstrate why I'm the one that all them niggas hated
You made you bed nigga now lay lay in it
Niggas probably liked me better overmedicated
Needless to mention I remain overdedicated
7 mixtapes to date
And if you haven't heard 'em all you need to be reeducated
I don't have too much time to be explainin' shit
I'm way too faded
Waited too long
Now James' brain is all jaded
That means there's green in my dome until I'm cremated
Fuck 'em all
equality through discrimination

I'm so sophisticated I'll never be domesticated
I manipulated way too many situations
And if you spittin' a flow I originated
That's anticipated
I'll return to the crime scene later and reclaim it
By this point in the show I'm pretty sure you know what my name is
Just remember that I never recite the song verbatim
I re-regurgitate it
Track Name: Emotion
There's a pain in my heart and it's definitely broken
And scarred and frozen
Despite that fact it's still filled with potential devotion
Even though sometimes it seems like life moves in slow motion
And I only see bad omens
And they all seem hopeless
And the only thing I have to show for these 21 years is my own soul's own erosion
No luck for the unchosen
Ego unswollen
Some things will remain unspoken
But sometimes in the moment my heart reopens
What's the cause of all the commotion?

I tried showing no emotion
Internally comatose
Diverting my focus
Far from those who I was supposed to hold closest
Exceeding my dosage
Believing my diagnosis
Becoming ferocious
Giving in to psychosis
And it was almost too late before I even noticed
I still indulge in coldness
It's bogus, I know this
Hard as I may try I can't escape my emotions

I used to cry at the drop of a hat
And after all these years I'm still unconsolable
Told ya so
I should've known my love was disposable
Now the pain is the only thing that seems notable
It's unmistakable
Clear evidence that my heart is not unbreakable
And just when I think emotion is sweetly unattainable
It rears it's ugly head
Completely unexplainable
I try to remain indifferent but emotion is unescapable
Slave to the occasional
Burst of sensational inspiration
Wave after wave of insatiable debasement and elation
Quaking in anticipation
Of vivid inner hallucinations
Sebating lucid situations
Of my own creation
Much to my fascination and amazement
I made 6 mixtapes of the same shit
And they still haven't found a better replacement
my payment for patience?
Well I ain't famous you know this
I guess all I'm left with is entertainment and emotion

Don't let emotions hold you back
Don't let that bitch stab you in the back
I was gone, now I'm back
I was down, now I'm out
I was proud but now I don't even know what pride is all about
Call it a drought
I hope you figure that shit out
Before you flip out
Chill out
And if you sees us in these streets, well give us all a shout
And if we're still overfeeding our greedy mouths
And lying about like lazy louts
Maybe that's for the best
There's so much emotion pent up in this chest
That yes
I would love to express
My wrath in full
And raze a path of devastation like a raging bull
But baby that's bull
You could hate me, that's cool
I envy you fools
Memories are cruel
Emotion is a tool
And if you don't use it that's a bust
Smoke bud that's a must
Say, "so what, we're fucked"
Hard as I may try emotion shows up

Look, I done tried to duck
I had no luck
Seems like every time I've finally given up
Right on cue there's lust
Hard as I may try emotion shows up
Hard as I may try emotion shows up
Track Name: Greenery Report pt. II (Appendix)
So it appears I smoked myself into a vegetable
Than I ate an edible
All my weed incredible
Impeccable medical
Sacks fatter than my testicles
If you wanna get technical
That's five blunts, three jays
Eight roaches in the ashtray
End of the day
I do what I say
Actually chiefin'
Accurate character
Grass ambassador
You amateurs smoke lavender
And daffodils
And I'm laughing' still
And this hashish I have to kill
Keep it real
I find a fried mind at high tide
You feel me?
I only feel real feelings when I'm high
Bring a dime
Income die, wisdom rise
you want the keys to the kingdom?

No time for questions
No time for second guessing
You'll never learn your lesson
I'm the one your hoe be stressin'
Hope she's present at my next erection
Ego death tonight
Tomorrow is the resurrection
Cuz if I wake up in the morning that's a motherfuckin' blessing
And If I go to bed sober that's fuckin' depressing
That's why I still scrape resin
Even though it tastes unpleasant
I know I'll never ascend to heaven
So instead I'm a puff puff the stuff till my sinuses plug up
Plug in, log on for some gutter smut
The dirt you smoke ain't worth bein' dug up buttercup
Just smoked a blunt, didn't get high, guess I'll go roll another up
I mean I'm kinda high, just need a reason to pass the time
And after I'm done getting high I'll go roll another up

I ain't got no tolerance
For incompetent
Pussy niggas with no tolerance
Pukin' after bong hits
Probably need a gynecologist
Years now I been fuckin' this whack world
Ain't used a condom yet
Lost my virginity to a fat black girl
Squirted her with my condiments
Guess I did pretty good for a slacker cracker rapper
Fat bastard and a half
You know that
Master at my craft
You know this
I don't smoke crack rocks
I smoke piff
But crack rocks
Is my cash crop
Ya broke bitch
I copped rolling papers from the head shop to roll shit with
And some cough drops so I don't choke when I hit it
I got a problem with pot and I openly admit it
Thought about quittin'
Decided to forget it
Fuck permission
I'm a smoke and sin till my brain splits open
And I won't ever ask to be forgiven
New Paltz bud game on the grid kid
This the town I live in
And in spite of my supposed intelligence
I'm still smokin' that Newport menthol same color that the grinch is
I swore I'd be more
And I came within inches
Touching from a distance
Further all the time
I only liked weed cuz it helped me unwind
Track Name: Conflicts
Me and negativity agree:
You can clear your conscience
But there will always be new conflicts

Born under a bad sign
On the cusp of cancer
These are sad times
Never believed in intelligent design
Even when I was high
Love is a battlefield lined with strip mines
Strip club serenity soothes sick minds
Never had time to confess their crimes
Some smoke their boges down to the filter
But I flick mines
Inflicted with addictions
Just as I predicted
Reenforcing my convictions
I just did it to get mines
I'll sip this bitter elixir till the well runs dry
I'll do bad things because I'm the bad guy
Beauty tears me open
Happiness makes me cry
Forbidden fruit is the sweetest
You're the apple of my eye

And it's a sin just to think of you
And it's a crime just to look you
And it's a tragedy just to touch you
And it's a catastrophe just to love you
It's torture to desire you
It's torment to cherish you
It's sorrow to yearn for you
It's suffering to lust for you
And it's agony to crave you
And it's anguish to need you
And it's painful to wish for you
And it hurts just to be with you
But it's hell to be without you
And it's wrong for me to want you
It's wrong
It's wrong for me to want you
It's wrong

Couldn't love you less
Lost all my respect
I'll treat you like an object
My feelings for you are complex
Madonna-Whore Complex
These feelings won't go unchecked
Separate your love from your sex
No more secrets kept
I'm being far too direct
I'm too easy to neglect
I'm too easy to reject
I forgot what I represent
Conceded the argument
It wasn't an accident
I once was passionate
Seems disproportionate
Cuz all that's left is abandonment
I've had it up to here with this establishment
I'd be the happiest man alive if I was earth's last inhabitant
And I don't believe in God
But I'm the devil's advocate
I'm my own arch-nemesis
I put all my emphasis on the negative shit
We're all caught up in our own conflicts
Until they're eclipsed
At the genesis of a new abyss
If life sucks get a new bitch
Ain't no problem without a quick fix
Pull the trigger on yourself or face your conflicts
Some people think I need to get a grip
And stick to the script
And stay in my lane
And play their game
People think I'm strange
People think I'm deranged
And maybe that's sane
But I know I'll never change
And no, I'll never change